The Healing Red Stones and the Root Chakra

Warm crystals, reds and oranges, activate the life-energy of the Root Chakra, or Base Chakra, where powerful human energies lie. These gem stones, or crystals, by resonance can not only bring stability and creativity, but also trigger the release of pent-up energies that block the heart. The primary red-warm stones useful for the Root Chakra are Garnet Ruby Red Jasper Fire Opal Spinet Red Coral Zircon Rose Quartz Rhodonite Rhodocrosite Red Carnelian

Garnets are silicate minerals that come in a variety of shades, which are determined by the temperature they are formed at, but all garnets are formed at high temperature, usually near volcanic activity. Although there are other color garnets, it is the red ones that are mostly used for healing, especially for the Root Chakra. It may be the best choice if you desire to energize and invigorate the body. Use a cut stone as it will release more energy than a polished stone.

The Ruby is aluminum oxide and it is a hard, deep red stone, with a old reputation for being a precious healer. It has been called, in Ayurvedic tradition, the ’stone of the sun‘. Use the ruby to balance the heart and to improve circulation. Emotions can be stabilized with this stone and you can restore confidence.

Red Jasper is a wonderful red crystal that comes in many variations of reds and oranges with internal patterning. Its color comes from iron minerals and it tends to be opaque. It is used for the Root Chakra because it helps focus on solidity and grounding and also helps activate the realization of practical and down to earth resolutions. The Root Chakra is the Chakra that connects us with the earth and practical reality – and red is the color of gravity- the color that pulls things together and helps establish.

A precious red stone known for its energies of Mars is Red Coral. It can be used to balance emotions – reconciling practicality with enthusiasm. This is a great choice for emotional work – it is considered a watery stone, coming from the sea.

Another watery stone, a crystal, is the Fire Opal. Deeply orange red, with iron and manganese, it can be used to ‚trigger‘ the Root Chakra when there has been exhaustion and a shutting down. For cleansing, Spinel can be used to detoxify and its powerful red can break through energy blocks. Chromium and iron give it the red color, sometimes mistaken for Ruby.

Ziron and Red Calcite both help to warm the subtle body and are useful in cases of malaise, and depression. Highly energetic and robust, Rhodonite’s brilliant contrasts of reds, oranges, blacks, and browns make it a great stone for confidence, and a balanced self care. For self esteem and activation of grounding in the Root Chakra, this one is highly recommended.

There are many other stones that have orange or pink in them that are helpful with the ROOT CHAKRA, more than can be mentioned here. Regardless of the healing qualities of these stones the amazing beauty of them is a value all its own.