The Importance of Reiki Attunement

In the magical world of Reiki, everything is said to be possible. One is not only able to heal one’s self, whether one is ill physically, mentally, or emotionally, one is also able to remove from a sick loved one the pain and hurt that diseases of the mind and those physical in nature bring through a proper execution of reiki therapy. What more, you can actually execute the attunement that comes with the therapy long distance. Therefore, even if the sick loved one is in a hospital bed miles from where you are, you can still heal your loved one. You can perform the reiki attunement process in the comforts of your home and provided you did executed properly, it’ll surely work.

Now, you can joyously say goodbye to long distance travels, hello reiki therapy! Say adieu too to horrific hospital bills that loved ones wants you to shoulder, hello fast recovery and good health!

This is the power that reiki practitioners have been bestowed with through the process of attunement. Reiki, by the way, is a Japanese healing art form that came from the root words „Rei“, which means „Higher Power“, and „Ki“ that is translated to mean „life force energy“. An ancient healing technique that had its beginnings in the South Pacific island of Japan hundreds of years ago, it has today transformed itself to become an alternative form of medication or treatment for many well-known illnesses such as cancer, severe migraines, and many others.

To the fascinated Westerners, reiki therapy, the practice of which actually, has become a lifestyle choice believing that with regular attunement sessions on one’s body, and possibly on other people’s bodies as well, one becomes more balanced emotionally and mentally. This, in turn, should result to healthier food choices and an affinity for physical activities.

It is because of these wonderful benefits that regular attunement sessions should be done. Attunements are important in Reiki because it is how a Reiki Master is able to release „Ki“ from his spirit and share it with a Reiki Practitioner. Attunement is sometimes referred to in Reiki as a ceremony of the spirit, as it is from one’s spirit that the „life force energy“ flows and is transferred to those who need healing.

This is how a reiki therapy takes place. This is how healing happens. This is why so many people are fascinated with Reiki and after one attunement session have become avid fans and practitioners of the Japanese healing art form. Attunement kicks it all off and from there comes healing.

Do you want to try to be attuned now? Close your eyes and open your body, soul, and spirit to „Ki“. Make Reiki a daily activity. Make healing happen. Make life work better for you.