The Reiki Precepts and More – An Everyday Practice To Fit In With A Busy Schedule

Most Reiki Masters strongly encourage their new Level I students to begin their healing journey with twenty-one days of daily self-healing. After all, Mikao Usui was enlightened with the Reiki holistic system of healing as he spent twenty-one days meditating and fasting on Mount Kurama. I do always request that my students begin their three-week, self-healing odyssey as well as a simple daily practice that they can continue on with indefinitely. I truly hope they can see the benefits of a daily personal practice, and that continuing on becomes an enlightened and pleasant task, as opposed to a tedious ritual that one feels they must do.

Every Reiki practitioner should have a regular daily practice. With today’s hectic schedules, it is okay if you do not sit for an hour and meditate. A fifteen minute practice can be brief but powerful, and will energize, balance and prepare you for the day. But it is key to develop an energetic routine that resonates with your own beliefs as well as time schedule — one that feels good and uplifting to you!

I will share a suggestion that is ideal for practitioners that are Level II or up. You can use all of these steps, or some of them, and feel free to add or continue those actions that have already worked well in your life.

  • Sit in a relaxed, meditational position with your spine straight and aligned, but not rigid.
  • Get in touch with Earth energy for grounding. Imagine you have roots growing down from the base of your spine (root chakra) and from the bottom of your feet, going all the way to the center of the Earth, connecting you securely with Mother Earth.
  • Draw the symbols that you are attuned to into the palm of each hand.
  • Place your palms over each chakra, beginning at the crown and working down. Skip the third eye but when you have reached the root, place one hand on the root chakra (your back, bottom of spine) and the other on your forehead over the third eye area.
  • As you place your palms on each chakra, take a deep cleansing breath (breathe all the way down to the belly) and envision that the symbols are entering that particular chakra and filling your entire being with their energy.
  • Do the Japanese Reiki technique called „dry bathing“ to dislodge any negative energy and make way for positive energy.
  • Go into Gassho position (two hands together, also called „Prayer Position“) and recite the Five Reiki Precepts three times slowly, reflecting on them as you state them.
  • Do an „invocation“ or „invitation“ to Reiki to fill your being. Visualize that Reiki energy (Universal life force) is flowing down through the crown of your head and filling your heart center.
  • Invite Reiki to fill your entire living space. Ask to be surrounded by healing light as you go about the tasks of your day.
  • Give thanks to Reiki for being part of your life and for healing you.
  • Take a few additional deep cleansing breaths, let your face and heart smile — and you are ready to begin your day!