Understanding Reiki – Part Three – Reiki Training

This is the third article in a series designed to clarify and outline Traditional Western Reiki. The previous articles in this series have described what Reiki is; the process of training and attunements and the variations between different systems of Reiki. During this article, you will learn the importance of selecting the right teacher for you. You will also learn what makes a good teacher and what makes a good Reiki training system.

The quality of your Reiki training will usually determine how deeply you experience Reiki and therefore how deeply you value and use the gift you have received. Quality of Reiki training varies from comprehensive training teaching you advanced, powerful uses of Reiki and full post-training support all the way down to lumping all levels in one weekend course or worse, all level attunements on-line with little or no support or training at all. Until you know your options, you will not know what questions to ask and what to look for when selecting your Reiki teacher.

There are several considerations when looking for the right teacher and training for you. The first is the teacher herself. Consider her passion, interest and confidence in Reiki. Listen to her talk about Reiki and what it can do. Listen to your own feelings, how do you feel about her, do you feel comfortable? Do you feel respected? Do you like her? Remember that with a good teacher, this relationship may be going to last a long time so choose someone who inspires confidence in her ability and knowledge as a Reiki practitioner and teacher.

The other aspect of training to consider is the set-up of the Reiki system itself. Make sure the teacher holds to a system that teaches each level separately. A good Reiki Master/teacher knows the value of each level. Each Reiki level has it’s own importance. In the next few paragraphs I will outline the different levels and it will become clear why it is so important to do each level separately.

Level One

During level one you are introduced to the energy, you begin developing your relationship with it, learning how to work with it, feeling it move through your body, and seeing how it feels to do Reiki on yourself and others. This is important for a deep relationship with this beautiful energy. In good quality training you will learn how to perform the one hour treat on yourself (the most important treatment you can learn) and also how to perform the 1 hour treatment on others including professional presentation and ethics. You will learn other treatments and uses as well. For the professional trainer, this should fit into a 2 day course. The four attunements themselves are usually held over 2 days, each one opening and locking chakras into place, with time enough between attunements to allow your system to adjust and settle in it’s new space. The training and attunements are followed by a 21 day cleanse during which your energy system shakes out a lot of negative energy that can no longer remain in your system.

Level Two

There should be at least 2 months between levels One and Two. By the time you are ready to do level two, you will have good experience with Reiki and you will be ready to take this much further. Also, your vibration level will be much higher as a result of your previous attunements and 21 day cleanse. Level two is also a two day course during which you will receive another attunement which once again raises your vibration significantly and attunes you to three of the four Reiki symbols. Over the two day training you will learn each one of the symbols, how to work with them and what they do. Reiki Masters have a comprehensive bundle of tools to teach you and it does take two days (at least) for a reasonable amount of training to flow. Once again you will go through a 21 day cleanse as your vibration is now even higher and therefore there is more negative energy to get rid of.

Level Three

At this level there are variations depending on the teacher. I will write this separating Personal Mastery and Master Teacher (as level three and level four), however, understand that sometimes the two are combined. Most people don’t go beyond levels one or two. For those of you who do, it is usually recommended that you wait at least 6-12 months prior to taking on Level Three. During Personal Mastery, you are given your final attunement. This is a two day course during which you are taught powerful personal and healing tools to expand your skill and prepare you for your final 21 day cleanse. You may also be taught and attuned to another Reiki system such as Seichim to support your journey. This 21 day cleanse can be quite powerful and you will be grateful for the new tools to help you through.

Level Four

At this fourth and final level your are taught a massive amount of information and practice to ready you to be a Reiki Master Teacher. You are taught each level from a teachers perspective, how to attune, what to teach, how to design and write your student manuals, teacher manuals, courses and support. You will learn about the ethics, boundaries and honour of being a Master Teacher. You will (depending on your training) be required to complete the design and training of your level one course and implement this work on someone wanting to be taught level one Reiki. This level and quality of training does not have a time frame, it is taken one step at a time and upon completion, you will be a Reiki Master Teacher.

Whilst there are some Reiki teachers who attune you to all levels of Reiki in a weekend, it has been my experience that many if not most of those students go on to either never/hardly use their Reiki again, or seek out more comprehensive training and attunements.

Having read the outlines of good quality comprehensive training, it becomes clear that it is well worth the investment of your time and money to choose quality training over the cheaper approach. With all Reiki training, prices range from free to thousands of dollars. It is definitely worth your effort seeking out a reasonable price range vs quality training suitable for you. Whilst researching you may be pleasantly surprised at the range of services and prices. For example, if you are comfortable studying long distance, you can find some very good quality training on-line. Look for someone who offers quality training on-line, separate level attunements and comprehensive support. All in all you can have a powerful Reiki experience if you take the time to find the right training and the right teacher for you.

There is one more article left in this series, during which you will learn about the different types of healing listed under the Reiki banner and what it all means to the Reiki student.