What Does a Reiki Master Do?

When someone says that he or she wants to become a Reiki master, it means that the person has a great love for Reiki. It implies that Reiki has touched them deeply and he or she wants to devote his life practicing the principles of the Usui System.

Being a Reiki Master is not really a new job. It is a mere step further into one’s own self discovery and development and is a further commitment to the ancient teachings and principles of Reiki. The job of a Reiki Master needs many years of experience that requires a sense of „ripening“ in the energy of Reiki.

Things to consider in becoming an effective Reiki Master:

1. A sense of Motivation

To become a master in Reiki, one should be able to feel an inner calling to practice this ancient art of healing. Students who find deep in themselves the calling to pursuing this path usually are the most dedicated ones. Having a deep sense of self knowledge is important.

2. A high level of understanding

The foundation of the Reiki practice is the treatment of self and others. Masters of Reiki have been formed out of their own Reiki practice and their willingness to surrender to the will and guidance of Reiki as the energy of life. A master does not find the need to coerce or force people to come and believe in Reiki.

3. Great deal of Familiarization with the practice

For a master to be effective, it is essential that he or she knows what the actual practice of Reiki is, and that, as a master, should continue to practice the system without conscious and deliberate changes.

4. Willingness to learn from someone superior

For a master to be able to heal others, he or she should be willing to learn from someone of greater experience first – someone who knows to teach others with care and self-knowledge; someone who has a lot of years of experience and has already reached a certain sense of maturity in his or her own mastery. An effective Reiki Master should be able to connect with this lineage and should have a strong commitment to the system. Learning from someone who has already completed his or her own financial commitment, someone who has the strength to challenge you and clarify and guide you to places where you are unclear makes a good teacher. A master should feel a strong foundation with this relationship in order to help other grow and mature as well.

5. Patience and Endurance

Probably this is the most challenging aspect as far as the job of a master is concerned. He or she should not be afraid to endure the many years needed to complete the process and to fully grasp the practice as a whole.