What Is Reiki? (Part II)

In a previous article we have said that there are three degrees of Reiki and we were talking about the first degree where the attenuement heals the physical diseases of the receiver. When the person receive this attenuement two or three weeks are necessary to adapt. In this period the energy can activate in an unpredictable moment even when healing is not requested. In these moments the person can have strange and unpleasant feelings. He or she can also visualize events of the past lives or even have physical perturbations (diarrhoea, etc.).

When the healer is at the beginning of his or her experience with Reiki the energy modifies the capacity of the healer to canalize it. A greater quantity of energy goes into his or her aura and body. At this moment aura and chakras are cleaned. If the level of energy is such to cause physical problems it is recommended that the beginner heals him or herself or the receiver in order to balance the energy and reduce the unpleasant sensations. After receiving the first degree of Reiki it is necessary to undergo as many healing sessions as possible for the first month for him or herself or the person to be healed.

With the second degree of Reiki the level of energy increases a lot. This energy focuses on the complete healing of the person, including the emotional and mental aspects. With the transmission this energy brings back all the emotions and problems of the past (including those of the previous lives) and removes them. This process can take more than one month, sometimes six months or more and some pain can be felt, but it is absolutely necessary.

The second degree of Reiki makes available more energy for each healing session. Moreover means and methods are made available to heal from remote. At this aim three new symbols are made available and must be used. These are already available in the aura of the healer at the first degree and flow out automatically from his or her hands during each healing session. During the second degree of Reiki the healer learn how to drive the energy flux and the gets the information to canalize the energy and make the attenuements when at the third degree.

The third level is that to become Master, i.e. a teacher or expert in Reiki. The attenuement is related to the spiritual energy and heals the receiver. While the second degree required a strong effort with the third level the process is easier. The healer increases his or her capabilities in canalizing the energy and healing. Two more symbols are also provided. More information on the symbols and methods of attenuement transmissions are also provided.

At the first degree the healer has only to put his or her hands on the receiver to perform the healing process. The energy then does the rest, just flowing out from the hands. The energy knows where to go even better than the healer. So he or she does not need to worry about how to drive it. All the levels of the body are healed: physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. This allows to completely healing the receiver. Reiki will solve the problem whatever is the cause of it. It will also heal other diseases in case the energy should find them in the way of healing.

When we talk about Reiki we cannot talk only of the physical body. There are also other three invisible bodies where the energy is present: the vibrational bodies. The healing process according to Reiki involves also these bodies. If compared to the traditional medicine, which treats only the physical body, Reiki performs a deeper healing process achieving better results. With Reiki we not only remove the problem but also the cause of it at the root. In fact a disease can also have a cause that can be not physical. Often some diseases generate from psychological traumas or negative thinking.