Why Use Reiki For Back Pain

It is estimated that 80 percent of adults will experience back pain at some point in their lives. Your back holds you up, it supports your body, and it is so easily compromised. One can bend the wrong way, pick up something heavy incorrectly, or even store negative emotions in the back. The back certainly has a heavy load to carry.

Reiki allows us to self-heal and take control of our health. I myself was attracted to Reiki due to an injury in my spine and shoulder. And the founder of my Reiki system and a guru that I have had the pleasure of meeting, Kathleen Milner, has herself been attracted to Reiki due to chronic pain after a couple of car crashes. Back pain can drive you to distraction. It can also drive you to find a solution.

When one first hurts their back, they visit the physiotherapist or other appropriate medical professional and make sure the problem gets fixed. However, once weakened, the back may become an unwitting recipient of an energy imbalance in the body. You see, an energy imbalance often finds the weakest point in the body and kind of gets trapped there. That is not a scientific but a metaphorical example, however I think it puts the point across very well.

In holistic health energy healing, pain, and especially chronic pain, is all about energy. Let me explain. Acute pain is pain that we need to do something about right now. Chronic pain is pain that has been there for 3 months or more, and we have probably done everything about it that we can. And so it is no longer needed. When the body’s subtle energies are mis-aligned or un-balanced, chronic pain can rear its head. But when we get our energy back into balance, since this pain is not needed for our well-being, it can go away.

During a session, you remain fully clothed while the energy is channelled via the practitioner to wherever it is most needed, usually through the practitioner’s hands, which may be either on the body or in the aura above the body. Reiki may feel hot or cold, like a vibration or electrical feeling, or like a wave or a breeze.

The practitioner may or may not touch your back; either is good. Reiki is a very gentle energy healing that goes to wherever it is most needed for the Highest Good. That means that you can rest assured that if it is safe for you to lose a pain with Reiki, you can. Also, do not expect Reiki to work like a pain relief pill. Reiki goes wherever it is most needed, so it may be helping some root causes or it may be preventing further damage to your back. In other words, if you want the pain just to go away, you are not ready for Reiki. If you are happy to allow changes to happen that will balance your energy so that the pain will go away when the time is right, then Reiki is for you. Sometimes it takes a few sessions. This is because the Reiki is working on the energy disruption. So you can now see why Reiki is becoming increasingly sought after for the release of pain. It is very heartening that more and more people are now seeking Reiki for pain relief. This is great because the pain is bringing people to a healing place, and this is where Reiki can have far-reaching effects with other areas of life, way after the pain has gone.

To find a Reiki healer, the best way is by recommendation. Otherwise, call a few and see how you feel with them. Do not look only for a Reiki Master. Reiki Practitioners can be very happy to stop their training at Reiki Second Degree and be very effective healers. Look for someone that you feel comfortable with when you talk to them. Ask them for their qualifications and make sure you see their certificates. Ask them who their Reiki Master was. Every Reiki practitioner remembers their Reiki Master. And a good Reiki practitioner would recommend a number of sessions and make no wild claims or sell you any product but encourage your self-healing from within in a gentle and caring manner.